We treated the surfaces (including restaurant tables, reception desk, switches, sockets, elevator buttonholes, door handles, etc.) with a high-tech antiviral and antibacterial Nano coating.

The safety and comfort of the guests and employees of the Joya Park complex, resort Golden Sands has always been a top priority for us from the creation of the complex to this day.

We – the management of the complex, have prepared a plan for disinfection activities in the territory of Joya Park, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We follow daily the information we receive from the operational headquarters for coronavirus in Bulgaria and  World Health Organization.

According to the instructions of the health authorities, we identified the critical points in the complex, the most frequently touched surfaces, the possibility of crowding, as follows:

  1. Control-pass mode

There will be no crowding at the hotel reception, and guests will patiently wait in line in the lobby or in front of the hotel.

Everywhere in the complex (reception, lobby, restaurant, elevators, swimming pool) there are signs inviting guests to observe the required distance and regular personal hygiene.

  1. Disinfection of the rooms and the complex

The main emphasis in the disinfection of the rooms are the objects and surfaces that are most often touched and used – bathrooms, knobs, remotes, handles, lighting switches. Intensified and special measures for cleaning and disinfection are applied in the common parts of the complex (toilets, halls, elevators, corridors, etc.). Current disinfection is carried out in accordance with regulations.

  1. Restaurant and disinfection in it

The capacity of the restaurant allows us to dilute the tables at a distance from each other, according to the recommendations and prescriptions of the health authorities, without having to eat on schedule and without compromising the comfort of guests.

The staff will make sure there are no crowds and guests will be accommodated at the required distance from each other.

  1. Pool and the area around it

In view of the large area of the yard of Joya Park complex, sunbeds and umbrellas are positioned at the required distances from each other.

  1. Relax center and fitness

The relaxation center of Joya Park complex is designed and built for use by small groups of people.

It fully meets the requirements of the epidemiological situation. Use will be by appointment, on schedule.

  1. Other safety measures

All lawns in the Joya Park complex have been desaccharified.

Health protection is a shared responsibility, for which we address everyone in the name of common safety with the following recommendations:

  • Each guest of Joya Park complex should follow the rules of personal hygiene and disinfection;
  • Maintaining the required distance;
  • To get acquainted with the information boards with safety rules, which are placed in the lobby;
  • In case of headache, dry cough, temperature above 37 ° С and fatigue, it is obligatory to contact the reception of the complex, if possible by calling from the room, without leaving it.


We do everything possible to provide a safe environment for the rest of our guests so that they can enjoy their stay.

Thank you for your understanding, patience and trust!